Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carles Lordan dies, one of the founders of Los Manolos

Carles Lordan Barbeta died late Sunday at age 47. It was one of the founders of the popular group Los Manolos "and died from medical complications arising from an accident on 13 April. Bassist, guitarist and vocalist of the band from Barcelona, Lordan was part of "Manolos" since its inception in 1989 and remained until its dissolution in 2003.

Group members have said that Carl was instrumental in his band, "was our friend long before the group does not even exist." Maximum mourn this irreparable loss "All of us-continue-we do our utmost public mourning for this irreparable loss and we echo the sentiment of his family and all friends and colleagues, who are many." On the other hand, Carles Lordan was also co-founder of the cooperative "Music Fan" in 1995 but was undoubtedly the band "Los Manolos", which became famous in the nineties, who has brought him great fame.

The group, hailing from Hostafrancs district of Barcelona, was very popular for its theatrical stage set and versions of songs as well known as All My Loving and Forever Friends.

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