Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Judith: "Where I Am" succde "Spread the Word"

After "by spreading the word" Judith will send a new message with the single "Where I Am." This new song of Judith is the second single from her album "If you remember" available since April 2011. "Where I Am", already listening on the radio since its launch this week is the second song of Judith Hassine, the same Judith discovered during the musical show "Star Academy".

Page Star Academy tour, Judith offers for download from the month of April, his first studio album entitled "If one remembers." After his first single "Do Pass the word" beginning to its end of the road, the singer continues to showcase his motivation by offering us a second single from her album.

On the song "Where I go," Judith tells of a tragic love story to the breaking point. "Where I go" further demonstrates the talents of Judith interpretation. His voice clear and well put, although on fairly traditional music, we won over the songs. The album is produced by Judith Authié Franck, director of the albums of Gregory.

Judith wrote and composed most of his songs, with a team of Kerredine Soltani, pen Zaz songs, and singer songwriter John Mamann. Judith recites his album "If you remember" to various mixtures of securities and light up-tempo, like the song "Where I Am," and ballads deep and amazing. Judith offers us an album with a pop universe and sound urban control, to discover an emergency.

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