Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carlos Baute and Alejandro Sanz in concert for victims in Colombia

- The Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz and Carlos Baute participating this Saturday between other artists in the concert "Voices of solidarity" in Bogotá, to raise funds for millions of victims of the rains in Colombia, according to its organizers. Hundreds of young people waiting since early Saturday in the Simon Bolivar Park Bogota, where the event will take place after two winter seasons passes catastrophic for Colombia.

Precipitation, enhanced by the climate phenomenon La Nina has caused 116 deaths since January, bringing the total to 444 and deaths and 3.2 million homeless since April 2010, when it began the first rainy season has virtually no truce, according to the National Risk Management. Colombia Humanitarian campaign, led by First Lady Maria Clemencia Rodríguez, look to this musical event to raise funds for the reconstruction of schools affected by the harsh winter.

Box office revenues are expected, with entries ranging from 11 to 85 dollars, and by voluntary donations from citizens. According to Colombia Humanitarian rainy season has affected more than 2,000 schools and colleges in Colombia, of which the government is already repaired 75%, and with funds from the concert is to fix the remaining 25%.

In addition to Sanz and Baute, in "Voices of solidarity" will perform the Spanish Antonio Carmona and Amaia Montero, Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, the Mexican trio Reik, Ecuadorian and Colombian Israel Brito Andrés Cepeda, Camo, Gusi & Beto, Santiago Cruz and Sebastian Yepes.

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