Sunday, May 8, 2011

J Mascis - Video Is It Done: finishing nothing

In the 90's there were those who wanted to take for J Mascis ousted in view of illegal discs. Thus, it is extremely rewarding for those who never stop to track the hair has decided to break out in a creative maturity and I would like for me. If the return of the classic album of Dinosaur Jr. is two superb albums, of which restored legends (Farm and Beyond), the arrival of new solo album and acoustic, Several Shades of Why, makes clear that J Mascis has always been much more than a virtuoso.

Personally, I think in the most intimate corners of their discography is where most of its effect makes less outlined features: voice is crisp and exciting. Happen to me again Is It Done, which has put a video in which, curiously, decided not to sing.

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