Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cerati mother says that situation is "very difficult"

The mother of the Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati, who is in coma for almost a year, said today it remained hopeful, though the situation is difficult, told the Argentine newspaper "Free." "I never got the arms. I remain hopeful, but this is very difficult, we are having a bad time. We're going to talk when Gustavito is how we want it to be, we still have faith, "said the mother of the former leader of the band Soda Stereo Argentina.

This Sunday marks one year of the imbalance suffered by Cerati on 15 May, when offered a show in Caracas. Shortly after it was revealed he had suffered a stroke. The musician was taken to Buenos Aires and is admitted to the Institute LAFTA where Sunday Cerati's mother, his sisters Laura Estela and celebrate a Mass with his followers.

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