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Los Pericos, a musical project that turned into something more (+ photos)

Los Pericos, reggae-rock band (although they prefer to say that "float" in the genre) most important in Latin America, are at home celebrating his 25 year career, which happily coincided with his latest recording material Pericos & Friends. Juan Alfredo Baleirón "Juanchi" Gaston "Moreira Gonçalves and Fernando Ariel Raiman" Topo ", came to drafting, to share with us his experience being" a group of friends having a good "making good music.

When asked how they would describe the 25 years of artistic life, do not hesitate to respond that they are a family, a group of friends who enjoy and have a good time doing his job, that "luckily" have been maintained over time. "It's a whole life story is more than half of the life of each one (...) began as a musical project, and turned into something else (...) are a group of friends, a group of people who spend well together, they like to play, "said Gaston." It's basically a family, a unit that luckily we have maintained, "adding that describes Juanchi is not measurable, lasting just in time, the band gives them" a sense Membership (...) the group is for everyone, and each one is for the group.

" That sense of brotherhood, as well as being in "a job lucky" where they can feel free to do what they love-music-he has allowed Los Pericos be in a constant renewal and search, it has meant to keep their music current . Force to get evidence to have a public, as defined by Gaston "frozen in age," as they attract from boys of 16 to 25 years, and more.

"For us it is a compliment to what we have coming in boys, is good!. That means we do not stay either, the music we are still renovating and that's why he likes the new "he said. When asked if they thought of reaching this conclusion, Mole took the floor and very safe replied: "When we started playing, I think will be a lifetime.

Do not you think that will happen what happened (referring to Los Pericos). If you have a dream that you play, that's all going to happen (sic). " Once again comes up for "renewal", this time Juanchi back to this point to explain that, although they may consider as a band Los Pericos classic, live in a constant struggle to always find a challenge that allows them to play "forever" .

In that same vein, said that the key success beyond, is certainly in the drive, desire, commitment and "the determination to be a band and go for more" "The bands when they meet a number of years, many tend to recycle or not to innovate and still and time as a nostalgic thing. And no, we fight it.

" That is why they did not hesitate to say "yes, yes!" There Pericos for awhile. Although identified with reggae, do not feel constrained when making music. It is therefore difficult to locate to Los Pericos within a genus, because as they mime as "float at all." Reggae Do not touch an orthodox way, his travels and contact with other artists, has allowed musically rich, and can capture in each every one of his songs, that touch that makes Latin dance to anyone who hears them.

"We have let the reggae feed on other things (...) we took in a dynamic way, we are totally opposed to staying in a pure genre," explains Juanchi. Currently there are few people who have been left out of social networks, and due to its high impact and how they have revolutionized communications commonly found in places such as, among others, our favorite artists, who have seen these wonders of the website a window to maintain closer contact with their fans.

Los Pericos not escape it, in fact as well Juanchi Gaston did not hesitate to show their phones while they confessed, laughing, "to be online all day." "It's a total revolution in communications, which makes you constantly communicated with people. We got on the Facebook tweeted or what we are doing, and everyone knows it, "says Mole.

In fact, dare to say that its official website www. lospericos. com, has remained as a kind of archive, where you can find videos, news and pictures where everyone can access whenever they want, but the networks that make the pattern. Although as a whole, the network also has its downside, such as piracy are the benefits were highlighted.

As such, the facilities they have provided to groups, however small they are-to get their material as through these channels are as likely to be revealed. "Because they are broadcast channels you need to publicize what you do (...) that was the best thing that could have happened on the Internet the musician "said Gaston.

In that same wavelength to maintain constant communication with the public, there is the project "Web Pericos TV", a kind of Reality Show, where once a month, the band gets on his Youtube channel what they've done, and whose time is varied and unlimited. "People see it when you feel like" Unlike television, "not here," stresses Topo.

"These are our things, that people love, who could not otherwise reach." Indeed, the celebration will be this Saturday May 14, when Los parakeets join the Venezuelan Public Desosrden play together. Meet at the Amphitheatre Sambil Center at 7 pm, where there will be surprises for the audience, besides being able to see for the first time for both groups to a special theme in tribute to Bob Marley.

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