Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Star of David premiered Maracaibo with 'One final effort': love song of the year?

The debut of The Star of David was one of those small disks, strange and glorious. We could not have expected anything else: a little scratch on the discs of Beef, it was easy to see that there was a special talent. From then until the Maracaibo and it is edited, however, has also given us time to remember a couple of times to David for his productions (Ballads and LP2) and to ask sacase next to TWILIGHT disc Junco and Diamond.

In addition to, thanks to him and his controversy with the Sonorama, having that "Well, you see" as a crutch-that-goes-for-all and know that designers are also signs that they show festivals. And now again the Star of David with 'One final effort', beautiful song of love can overcome cuttings and a video in which David, Joe and La Bien Querida Twilight look like Jesus & Mary Chain.

What Pelaz! If this is the new record level of the Star of David, we are able to reconcile with the sound of LP2. To Maracaibo, David has had collaborators and Ana Fernandez (La Bien Querida), Paprika (Beef), Joe Twilight Spazzfrika EHD (Za!), Jordi Irizar, Carrascosa Germain (The Other Gloria) and Sergio Perez (Thelematicos) plus co-writing a song with Manu Ferron, Expert Group, and dress Julio Iglesias to revisit 'The Road'.

Here you can also hear another preview of the album 'Chill'.

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