Friday, May 13, 2011

Choose its Eurovision song of the year this Saturday, with the polls against Lucía Pérez

"While everyone criticizes everyone else sees." This concerns the journalist José María Iñigo the Eurovision Song Contest. He will be this Saturday, the commentator for Spanish television in number 56. Eurovision favorites Lucía Pérez will perform in the 22 th position with 'Let me remove it bailao' Everything is ready in Düsseldorf Arena to host the final of this annual event with the European song.

Also in Music Rumors. is, where every detail will have everything you place in the musical. The representative of the Spanish, Lucia Perez, will be one of the last among the 25 performances of the night. Sing in the twenty-second position, the same as in 2010 gave the victory to Lena Meyer-Landrut, who repeated this year as the representative of Germany.

Perez will try to make European viewers off the couch to keep me as bailao, a catchy theme Rafael Artesero who was elected from more than 1,000 songs candidates. Share the stage with five dancers, three of them also choir-with those who will shape the choreography devised for the occasion by Lola González.

On Thursday, the semifinals and finished the most relevant was the elimination of Israel, one of the favorites to be represented by transsexual Dana International, who returned to the Festival that catapulted him to fame in 1998, won with his editing and legendary Diva. This may not be able to repeat success.

Not participate in the final candidate of Norway, Stella Mwangi, and its very coreada Haba Haba (a parody of Shakira's Waka waka), after failing to overcome the first semifinal on Tuesday. From Spain, Anne Igartiburu present a special program of TVE. The space will feature the Spanish jury and guest artists such as Chenoa and Auryn group.

Rumors Music users. what are clear: the Spanish Lucia Perez is the most likely candidate declared the winner, according to a vote on the web that gives second place to Britain and the third to Germany. However, this view does not reflect what shows other online betting sites Eurovision or experts, who point to France, UK, Estonia, Hungary and Sweden as the favorites.

According to the verdict, Spain could be Relagen "the post 27 of 43." On the advice given to José María Iñigo Pérez ("the last thing you should do is upset about not winning," he said), it appears that the speaker does not rely on this victory. Besides, he already has other favorites, as revealed in Switzerland and Germany.

According to statistics, Spain has not won the competition since 1969, when he did Salome. "Perez will break the curse? Rumors in Music. it will be very attentive to what happens in the Eurovision Song Contest to tell you every minute. From 20.00 h on Saturday you can follow all the final details of the contest on our site, including an extensive photo gallery, and through the Twitter account @ 20mdirecto.

As always, your comments, readers have the last word. Also, viewers will have a say in the festival with their calls decide half the Spanish vote. The other half of the score that gives Spain depend, as is traditional, the jury.

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