Friday, May 13, 2011

LIVE: anne sional Zoobar 80 in St-Etienne

The Live Music Radio. com to ZooBar, go! Join us now live on the radio to listen to an outstanding program and live totally dedicated to beads and hits from the 80. To go straight to the show: To join us and participate in the ambience of Zoobar, go at once to Zoobar, 10 Avenue de la Liberation in Saint-Etienne.

And not missing a beat of music for the evening, follow the live on your smartphone. Several choices are available: * By using the application Mobiletag by scanning the code shown cons with the camera on your iphone or smartphone * By copying the code in the browser of your smartphone ...

... and join us live at Saint-Etienne Zoobar for an evening on 80 unique MusiqueRadio. com!

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