Friday, May 13, 2011

Dance music XCV

Watch the video at the original site. A week comes on Friday, and as we have some free time, why not dedicate it to take a look at the present time "dance" of the week? Sure we have something that you are interested in the pages of Noctamina. For starters, see what you think the discovery that makes us this week Manolo Carvajal.

Land is the proeyecto Oh and the theme that opened this week is Son Of A Gun. Although often act in the company behind this name is only Øland Danish Nanna Fabricius, as you can see the master mix with great delicacy of pop arrangements with more care and electronics. One such project to record and keep a close.

Watch the video at the original site. And since we're talking about sounds fine, what do you think speak directly orchestral sound? Because that is what Henrik Schwarz walks lately. The German, who already shows a lot of class when engaged in his usual deep house sound, shows yet another facet of his art, going into the studio with a real orchestra to play his music (still do not know whether new or familiar topics) from the point of view "symphonic." There will be very attentive to what comes out of these recordings, what will your next album.

And we can not put aside the word "class" yet, because that also walks on Truise Com. And we noticed when we talk about this American remix for Enron Part 2, included in R3C0nf1Gur3d Tron, the disc of remixes for the soundtrack of Daft Punk, and now it's almost have ready their debut, Galactic Melt, does corroborate that we were more successful by paying attention.

If not, listen to this Polyhurt, from his latest ep, Fairlight. Wishing we arrive on July 4 to hear the entire album. Watch the video at the original site. Another new material that offers Nick Warren is, as you know has just released his work for the compilation and seal Balance, delivery 018.

In it, as I warned in his day, including two items on the British, and now Buenos Aires is released as an EP, along with a couple of remixes. As Warren says it is a tribute to the city in Argentina that has captivated every one of his visits to act across the Atlantic. Homage or not, is a great song.

Watch the video at the original site. And since we're talking about large electronics, a must is the only thing that can come from adding three names like Depeche Mode, Eric Prydz and Personal Jesus. As I mentioned, recently launched a new collection of remixes on the most important band of Dave Gahan.

There are so many good remixes that have been made and will continue doing that, of course, not all fit on a collection of this nature. At least, if they stay out of the compilation, you can always be sold independently, and that's what happened with this remix by Prydz. Do not know if it's a good idea to have left out, but at least we can enjoy it.

Surely more than one you are willing to arrive on Monday, not for work, that is more than clear, but that is the day that will come Destroyed, new Moby. But perhaps you do not know that you can now enjoy the full album in the microsite that the artist has created for the occasion. From Noctamina, we ask that if you have not already enjoyed, it should do now, because here Moby once again demonstrates the musical genius that is done, with what is perhaps his best work from Play or 18.

Watch the video at the original site. Following developments, we have The Zombie Kids, the project conceived in the darkest clubs Madrid before us to Face, a new single under his arm. Their sound, as more than one of you know, for example if you have attended their sessions or the last SOS 4.8, leaves no one indifferent, and this theme is demonstrated again.

What do you think about? Watch the video at the original site. And as last week's news, we are going to ask if you remember and excellent Andain Beautiful Things. A trance track that epoch, at a time in Spain this style had much more impact than it does now. Well, after a long period of silence, Josh Gabriel and Mark Mavy have rejoined forces and the result is this Promises, which only you can offrecer remix by Gabriel & Dresden.

A good vocal trance track, but left the way the guitars and other past Andain. Perhaps if we find them in the original topic, but that we'll talk when we can hear. Watch the video at the original site. Already looking to the past, this week we have new release of our special dedicated to Daft Punk, which we already if Discovery, the disk that came this clasicazo of dance music, One More Time.

On the other hand, in our section of versions and remixes, this week we again set in Snap! With its Cult Of Snap, as Jerome Isma-Ae has adapted to the times and put it in the latest progressive house that is usually billed. As we still prefer the original, we leave you here so you can remember.

Watch the video at the original site. And we have new names for two of the most important festivals in summer nuesttro. For Creamfields Andalucia, were no less than 11 new confirmations, and we can come forward any names were filling: Richie Hawtin, The Bloody Beetroots, Eric Prydz, Agoria, Felix Da Housecat, Tiga, Blake Jarrell, Hybrid Soundsystem, Delorean, Undo and Brian Cross.

Do you still have doubts about whether to go buy the tickets for Jerez? The other is Monegros, which after so many stumble, trip with David Guetta, still doing things have to be done, confirming the likes of Infected Mushroom, Chris Liebing and Raul medley ... This is another thing! And a lot of noise is what has made the auction Pass DJ Sonar this year in Barcelona.

For the clueless, we remind you that it was a festival organized by the bid on eBay to be a space of 50 minutes on stage to punch SonarCar. The result has been that someone has paid 6,099 euros to be the new talent to discover in the Catalan festival. We'll see where that is the thing when its conclusion.

And making short to finish our regular sections. We have a session next week, which is the cash we spent the ever British techno of Dave Clarke. The cocktail on Saturday was again one of the classics that we hope you enjoy this weekend: the Margarita. And as always, we remind our At last it's Friday, which is ready with all the proposals that offers the weekend about clubbing is concerned.

And before you say goodbye, as always asking you to vote, not to make me mayor or president of your community, but to one of 20 artists and topics you on our brand new Top, released yesterday.

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