Friday, May 13, 2011

The Jim Jones Revue in concert in Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia, 05/12/2011): it's only rock 'n roll ...

... but we liked it a lot. Word of mouth worked, those who had seen him play to The Jim Jones Revue in the past Azkena Rock Festival do not get tired of strongly recommended the concert and filled Antzokia Kafe. It does not know of anything to the new leader of the band's psychedelic Thee Hypnotics, just press the play of any of their songs so that from the first second you realize it's a gig that you should not miss.

And yes, there is more than rock and roll classic, advancing rapidly and loud, dirty and with a demonic power that gets to the room upside down. I honestly do not know if it's the best concert I've been on so far this year, but I assure you is the most I've sweated. I've always found that The Jim Jones Revue are in the piano's greatest asset, so animal headdress reminiscent of a Jerry Lee Lewis is crazy and completely irresistible.

In Vitoria was a time when you had the feeling that Elliot Mortimer was going to lift his arms to stamp it into the crowd in a final apotheosis. But one pianist, and key figure of the band has abandoned them. Now there are three people that replaced him in concert, depending on the country.

For us we had Henri Herbert, a 26-year-old right things you want, but far less animal. The rest, many pose rock studied the millimeter, if leather jacket and uniform Grease for the guitar, classic suit and vest crazy wild hair to Tom Waits for the leader of the band, no matter what you believe it or no, the truth is that it works.

In his two albums have enough lashes to leave us and become exhausted, 'Rock' N Roll Psychosis', 'Elemental', 'High Horse', 'Premeditated', 'Dishonest John' or the 'Burning Your House Down' that entitles his latest album ... but last night I got the feeling that they were sold out before us and in a concert of this type can never leave the audience wanting more.

I would have preferred 45 minutes without a second's breath, without pause, to Ramones, without inciting the audience to clap or yell yeahs. A visceral progression continues to leave us completely ko guess is just that happy habit of looping the loop, the expectations were very high since the first time that I "see these in a small room has to be brutal" and yesterday I found what I expected, but no more.

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