Friday, May 13, 2011

Monica Naranjo: "If I go down music is the only asshole"

Madame Noir is the new show that the singer Mónica Naranjo premiere at the Teatro de Madrid artery Coliseum on 27 and 28 May. A theatrical concert with dyes which, accompanied only by a piano, made sixty years ago a trip to the glamorous golden age of black cinema. But the pop diva once provided "foul-mouthed, now marks a clear line between his public and private life:" Being a housewife is more.

" Deceived us with the emancipation of women "This is a job, it has long ceased to be a race without thoroughly. I also like going to my home to be with my son. My character has many tics age diva, but not so in my day to day, because to take the character home is not healthy. Walking in sweats with my son and my dogs in the countryside, with those rubbing strake is something that is priceless.

Being a housewife, as was my mother, most. We were deceived with the emancipation of women "poses. Returning to his imminent new project, explains, "is a show very naked" only with the piano as accompaniment Pepe Herrero, and argues that "the fifties is a very feminine aesthetic, comfortable, safe shoes, very sophisticated and glamorous.

" He adds that "man was also very handsome, and she was a queen." A script by Miriam Díaz Aroca, Madame Noir is a "musical comedy about a veteran actor with his ego, his narcissism and his insecurities, which works with a younger director who is unable to tame the beast." The main character "suffers from both egocentric that is up funny and do not know." "As some of my colleagues that I will not name names", adds naughty.

There are artists forced to hand crap singer confesses discográficosLa contracts also suffering from a "terror scenic apotheosis" that grips during the "first fifteen minutes" of each show. On this occasion, not having the backing of a broad band, acknowledges she feels "more respect", which is enhanced by being performed in theaters in a "more transparent format." After the premiere in Madrid will travel to several Spanish cities, also with the intention to bring to Latin America later.

Among his future projects include a dance show with Brian Cross and a rock opera composed and produced by herself, but still no date advanced. Excited about both, stresses that to stay "estacanda" resides in its "home cooking with Termomix," which, he says, is given "great." Available now from the shackles of the record, explains that "in the world of music is all very unstable and evolving, not knowing where to go", but it notes that "must prevail the good shows." It adds that "there are many artists tied hand and foot are forced to hand crap record contracts." "I already know what the business by the business and know how it ends," he says, then noted that if music from the Internet to get off "would be the only idiot" who does not.

"Then there are many jobs out of respect you buy them, but that does not happen to buy a blind disk and then have a good song. Now you listen and if you like what you purchase" poses. Finally, says he is in "more full time" of his life "as a person, not as a woman" and would not like "back" in time.

In fact, the experience led him to emphasize that we are not here "to swallow, but to enjoy." "Now to say that I was not very good at, and I know I can not please everyone. And my character, outspoken at times, either," sentence.

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