Friday, May 6, 2011

Dance music XCIV

Watch the video at the original site. Arrives again at the weekend, but for many this week has been ligerita, those that "carry" Monday to be able to enjoy a "minibridge." But the important thing is that we are at Friday again and we have time for ourselves. And Noctamina, as every week, we recommend you enjoy that time with a bit of electronic music and dance, so here we bring some ideas to do it properly.

Beginning with the Opposite Of Love serving autoKratz to go announcing that, sooner rather than later, on 6 June, will set their next album, Self Help For Beginners, following a line similar sound to the previous and collaborations as Peter Hook and Andrew Innes of Primal Scream. Watch the video at the original site.

In a very different style we have at Mount Kimbie British duo, which made us know this week which will be the last ep to be extracted from their current album Crooks & Lovers. After 3 previous eps, as the duo, will be the last single Carbonated representing the disk. But for those who already have your copy of the record to say that there will be a couple of unreleased songs in this new ep which will be responsible to purchase interesting: Flux and this Baves Chords.

Also, if you pass by Noctamina, you leave a link there to Unload the latter free. Watch the video at the original site. This week we also discovered the secret that lay behind Mega Mystery Band, an alleged gang anonymous, though famous cases also comprised of other projects. Finally it was an advertising project to promote a brand of gum, after which the Frenchman was Yuksek.

You have more details about this story in the versions and remixes of the week, but not be a campaign theme deserved less attention, because as you can see the quality of On A Train was very close to that of other bands like Of Empire The Sun. And while we will arrive when you can enjoy Icke Wieder, the next (and expected) work of Paul Kalkbrenner, at least get things like stenosis Episode 2 DJ In Shanghai, a video made by ArtBeat Studio, and a second series portrays the moments surrounding the performances of artists Livehouse Mao in Shanghai, which will surely make the wait more bearable so many are suffering.

Watch the video at the original site. In the absence of a greater number of noteworthy developments this week we had room for a new classic of the dance, and we've dedicated to 9 PM (Til I Come) ATB, building that has just released their new album, Distant Earth. A hit that anyone who knows more and who less and managed to sneak into the charts and radio stations from all over Europe back in 98.

And hit of the week for Friday's finally today, I chose the last of Rusko, Everyday, which draws attention, especially the video that has been prepared for the occasion. Done in Salton Sea, a suburb of California, shows the desolation to which can be reached by a poor choice of land to "urbanize" ...

and that in Spain we know enough. And enter our regular review of the festival season to begin, I turn to lead the finally it's Friday today, and there you have enough information about the SOS 4.8 starting today. But we have more festivals, which have not yet spoken, as the Electroma, which in this year's surprises and strangers with a few names of high quality video (so far) most notably as head certainly Moby poster.

And Electrobeach, the "beach side" of Electrosonic is not far behind in terms of lineup, with an excellent program, focusing mainly on techno, with artists like Steve Lawler, Luke Slater, Cristian Varela, Oscar Mulero and others, in a event to be held for the second year and 4 days in Benidorm, between 24 and 27 August.

But if there is a festival that has been talking in recent days, that has certainly been Monegros Desert Festival. On the one hand, the first few artists, amounting to a long and interesting list of new receipts, with names very "electro" is complemented by the likes of Carl Cox, John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, or Steve Lawler, a rather strange couple that has been seen so far in the desert rave.

But the storm broke with the addition of David Guetta to the lineup, something that clearly has seemed to the public and those interested in attending out of place. And as if to extinguish the fire with gasoline, is involved further comments praising Guetta by the organization on the Facebook page dedicated to the festival only served to inflame the minds and somehow show that has truly Monegros " sold.

" They are also controversial Oscar Mulero views with respect to the former and "confrontation" between vinyl and digital, because of Madrid's recent shift to the latter format for its meetings and makes clear in an interview that the magazine makes Orbit for number 5. So we wanted to take this opportunity to shed some personal opinion and try to collect about yours.

Watch the video at the original site. Little controversy to find in the knowledge that Paul McCartneys recent debut as a DJ in the past Coachella festival, where dishes Afrojack ceded to prick a few topics. We do not have video, but we promise you that if you find a graphic docuemnto we will deliver it as falling into our hands.

And if you are going to Ibiza in the summer and the sound you are interested in Cocoon, Sven Väth seal, you can now check out the schedule for the Cocoon parties at Amnesia Heroes every Monday of the summer, dates to reconcile with your stay on the island and white and enjoy any of the views of many of the artists of the troupe.

And finally, we leave the session last week, for which, on his visit last weekend in Granada, I chose Carl Cox with a session of almost 3 hours, recorded in the past Ultra Music Festival of Miami. And of course, as every week, we also have a cocktail for you, especially for lovers of bourbon, that this time we mixed with mint tea.

Prepare and enjoy a session, which is a good plan for the weekend.

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