Friday, May 6, 2011

Nick Lizard concert in Bilbao (Sala Rock Star, 05.06.2011): Survivors

Yesterday, just at the time when television was just starting a new edition of the reality in which famosillos play to survive on a deserted island, other authentic survivors, Lizard Nick, disembark in Bilbao Sala Rock Star. A room (typical disco for weddings and celebrations) that just entered smells old, but once you get used to.

Something similar happens with the band from Granada, their sound seems from another era and is quite far from the fashion groups, their last two albums do not stand out among the best of their discography, but it's that whiff of vintage rock, the lifetime , making them one of the most genuine and sincere bands of the state landscape.

The presentation of conflict zone was not an excuse to go over his career and give us Nick Lizard concert that many fans we had been waiting. Well, many no more than a slogan. Fifty people (and counting overhead) to three essential figures in the history of music in this country, such as Victor stoned, Eric Jimenez and Antonio Arias.

Of course, each of us totally dedicated, as in those old rock concert where the audience seemed to be in ecstasy. Reminded me Coz that first concert I attended as a child without removing eye as they moved those headbangers in the front row. Delivery total also on stage, Eric pounding his drums like an animal, Victor Antonio Arias unbeatable and providing a visceral release I've only seen live Corcobado.

More than an hour and a half, 26 songs and a lot of sweat. The proximity to chat directly with Antonio Arias, ask for a second encore and despite being shattered, knowing that you will not be able to deny. I do not know how many times he thanked us for being there. Although they played eight of the nine songs Conflict Zone, reviewed almost one by one all his records, with special attention to their debut Hipsonis, who has already served 20 years, starting with 'So strange, so strange, so easy' and ' Now, 'and his second album Inertia that fell her five most emblematic.

He even dared to Val del Omar, rescuing 'I Day and Order' and 'Celeste' in a completely different format to the concert that featured in Barakaldo on his previous tour late last year. I remove the thorn from attending a concert greatest hits of Nick Lizard and I'll take the time that followed touched versions '20 'and' The sign of the times' of a disc, The Shock of Leia, who has grown tremendously over time.

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