Friday, May 6, 2011

Geyster: "Radio Geyster 1977" a musical journey very 70's

Geyster returns this year with a fourth studio album entitled "Radio Geyster 1977. True genius of electronic music, Geyster has designed its new album as a radio show. One hour trip that takes you back in the past. You're in August 1977, in Los Angeles and you listen Radio Geyster. After a first album "I Love 1984" released in 2004, and 2 more albums "Everytime I See Your Face" in 2007 and "No Kiddin ', in 2009, Gael Benyamin Geyster alias is known by the general public through hit "Bye Bye Superman" which squatted the playlists of FM during the summer of 2003.

In recent years, Geyster emerged as a genius of electronic music. For this new creation, Geyster returns with a concept album entirely surprising. On this sunny day of 17 August 1977, nobody expected such news! The day before, "King" Elvis Presley had just died of a heart attack at age 42! Radio Geyster "a new radio station was one of the first media of the time to cover the event with John Clay, a journalist for Radio Geyster and close friend of Elvis Presley.

This is the story of Radio Geyster 1977. This new album Geyster is designed exactly like a U.S. radio show. DJ, Doctor Jam, will accompany you with his jingles, information of the time and obviously the music, Geyster. This music inspired by the music "West Coast" for years 70 and 80, is characterized by a mix of pop and rock sounds, jazz, funk and soul music where the melodies and vocal harmonies are featured on electric piano "Fender Rhodes" predominant, all tied by the production Geyster impeccable as usual.

Take time and enjoy with Radio Geyster 1977 and let yourself be lulled by the sound "West Coast".

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