Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie: 'Home is a Fire': But what is this invention?

Look at them, look at Death Cab For Cutie: aseaditos, neat, elegant, viejóvenes. A point to edit and Codes and Keys should have been stepping up: the Narrow Stairs can not be repeated. If you want, this time removing a disc instead of a horrible than half and half ... and care, which according to the second video presentation is the same thing they do.

Man, how is the thing that at first seems to have been eaten Bono Antony and the digestion is singing instead of Ben Gibbard. A song very, very compelling to lie still and continue lowering the bar of expectations on the return of Death Cab For Cutie. In late May, he was able to listen calmly.

For now, a carrot and sand.

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