Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Niños Mutantes - Animals: a perfect excuse to buy the vinyl from his latest album

15 years are nothing. It seems like yesterday when Niños Mutantes were presented to the demo contest Oviedo Multiple festival, which certainly did not win but were finalists, and since then I have kept track album to album, single to single, song by song and I have never disappointed. The Granada released last year sleepless nights, her most daring album and one of the best of his career, in addition to assuming his debut with Ernie Productions label after a very long relationship with Astro.

The quartet is not disputed by anyone grupazo and live are final word of a journalist who does not marry anyone. Video | YouTube six studio albums, well, seven if you count Greatest Hits of Others, and three decades in active place with an EP, Alexis Morante music video for 'Wandering', the vinyl edition of sleepless nights, a Live DVD recorded at the Alhambra Theatre in his hometown, 15 years mutating, and a unique EP that gives buyers the LP and DVD.

Animal is the excuse for its true value in a band that has endured as a Jabata all flavors contatiempos without having fought in the Indian state and not having at least one hit to load in that backpack full of great songs. This EP contains three previously unreleased tracks, which might well have been part of the last LP.

'If you do not trust me', a catchy song, with lyrics that tells a true story and carries a guitar riff conseguidísimo. Then, 'Better to die of thirst (to go to easy) No 4', which does not lower the bar. This is a live take of this issue included in that DVD. Voice and Guitar with Juan Alberto Martinez songwriter plan and getting emotional.

Video | YouTube and are beyond the map with 'Songs of people and animals', a 'jitazo' full-scale with the sound increased and improved brand of mutant and a letter home saying truths. The last theme is 'The Voice (pub version)', a striking alternative version of the same song included on his latest album.

And as a tip, Child Mutants are remixed for the first time by some priests of the state electro amok by Errante, which should give the opportunity they deserve these guys. Ernie DJ & fiumicino, Gili and Belly Marc Dorian, DJ Toño, Miyagi vs Homeboy conspire to do justice to this subject.

Official Site | Children Mutantes More Hypersonic | Children Mutantes - The sleepless nights, his most daring album

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