Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dulce María recorded songs in Portuguese and hopes to duet with Ivete Sangalo

Sao Paulo, May 23 (EFE) .- The Mexican actress and singer Dulce Maria, who is in Brazil to be filed within her "on tour Foreign 2011, said today in Sao Paulo has already recorded two songs in Portuguese and would like to do a duet with Brazilian star Ivete Sangalo. "Ivete is a great artist and I would sing with her someday.

I admire her as much as others from the large, like Shakira. On this trip I also asked my advisers to get me jobs I do not know Brazilian bands. I would love to participate in their jobs, "said the Mexican artist in a press conference. The former member of the late Mexican youth group RBD, training in 2006 was the largest and busiest tour of a foreign artist in Brazil, with concerts promoting his album "Foreign", which hits the Brazilian market on 14 June.

The production includes two songs not recorded in Portuguese by the artist, who expected to be marketed in a special edition. "We do not know how you will present these songs. Might go in a special edition of my work in Brazil, but more importantly is already recorded and ready for my fans, "said Dulce María, also fan of rhythm" funk ", a sort of hip-hop emerged in Rio's favelas.

The two songs were recorded in Portuguese "Estrangeira" in tribute to Brazil, and "Inevitável", in which the singer Lusitanian Tiago Teixeira. The artist had already been involved with his former band recording the album in Portuguese "RBD". On the other hand, Dulce María denied in the press conference with the Brazilian media there is a rivalry with his former teammate of RBD, Anahí.

"With her usual (all) was peace and love and I want my fans are too," said the artist, who after serving in the youth series "Rebelde" starred in the telenovela "Summer of Love." Dulce Maria will be presented on Wednesday in Fortaleza, on Thursday in Recife, Porto Alegre on Saturday, Sunday in Rio de Janeiro and ending his tour in Brazil on Monday in Sao Paulo.

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