Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Available and the two bonus Arcade Fire to The Suburbs with little interesting to contribute

On 2 August, just one year after the release The Suburbs, Canadians Arcade Fire bring into the stores the deluxe edition of the album. Among its main attractions to buy a second time the same, a video documentary on the Scenes from The Suburbs of Spike Jonze and two new songs. Their titles are 'Speaking in Tongues' and 'Culture War', and because they sounded yesterday on the radio by Zane Lowe, and can be heard without having to wait for the heat of August.

Not much to bring to the whole of The Suburbs, if any left out at the time was right for the group. The Arcade Fire - Speaking in Tongues (YouTube) I have always maintained that the main problem of this album is that on some specific songs, which stretched over it without raising the level of average quality.

Had they known how to be more strict when setting the level of entry, would have been a more compact and defensible. Now, with the reissue is to come, to stretch whatever they want with details to his followers as the two bonus is excellent. Alas, as I said, none of the two cuts I seem particularly relevant.

Come on, not listening is not difficult to understand why they left out the third of Arcade Fire. The Arcade Fire - Culture War (YouTube) that Canadians remember back to our country throughout the month of July, acting first on the esplanade of the Guggenheim in Bilbao on 13 and headlining the 2011 after FIB.

Their future plans after the tour ending yet to be seen, although it has long said that this time try not to let so much time apart to release new album.

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