Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob Dylan, the broken voice that changed the world

There are characters in the world of culture whose influence transcends borders and generations. Names that have left their mark on the lives of millions of people and his work has helped change the course of events. And then, above all, is Bob Dylan. Tuesday The world pays tribute to an artist indomitable, versatile and prolific like few others.

Dylan turns 70, and does so in full power, with a busy schedule of concerts, despite its dividends would enable it to live several lives regardless of any luxury-and the same anxious look that brought him to stardom in the tumultuous sixty . Born in Minnesota in 1941 as Robert Allen Zimmerman, the young Dylan combined his role as an avid reader of the Beat Generation writers such as Jacques Kerouac, with a haughty teenager who has accompanied him throughout his life.

His poetic vocation and concerns directed their steps and roll to folk rock, a genre he considered "more attached to reality." Dylan came to being fired from a club to scare off customers for part of the blame for this shift was Woody Guthrie, one of the fathers of American protest song, which he greatly admired.

It was, in fact, the idea of meeting him that led him to New York in 1961. The brazen Dylan soon make their way in folk music circles of Greenwich Village and then effervescent debut LP with Bob Dylan, a collection of traditional songs along with two original compositions of which only 5,000 copies were sold.

The commercial failure was not an obstacle for what was to come. The Freewheelin 'Bob Dylan (1963) and The Times They Are A-Changin' (1964) connected with the movements for civil rights in the USA, who gave voice to songs like A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall, Blowin ' in the Wind or The Times They Are a-Changig.

Dylan was already an icon that transcended the musical. Dylan did not have a great voice (he being fired from a club to scare off customers), or a refined technique with the guitar, but exuded a magic that no words left to his listeners, who cheered with fervor his groundbreaking vision the world, captured in a sublime lyrics now studying in the U.S.

as a leading contemporary poetry. Dylan, above all, did not understand the rules. Distilled magic words that left those who heard him that freedom led him to broaden his horizons. Tired of the label protest singer, he split the circle and electrified folk sound, earning him harsh criticism from the most purist of the genre.

He took his new proposal to the stage in a Canadian tour with The Band, where he was booed every night. As reported years after the group members, Dylan smiled with pleasure as the insults rained. They called him "the Judas of the folk." Like any star, Dylan went through a period of relaxed family life, preceded by a motorcycle accident whose circumstances were never clarified.

His turbulent breakup with Sara Lownds, with whom he had married in secret in 1965, was reflected in the suffering and indignant Blood on the Tracks, and it was just another chapter in a life of the musician has jealously guarded privacy. As with any prolific career, Bob Dylan has been through low.

One of them, which, for some, was never recovered, was a religious crisis in the late seventies that led him to become a Christian radical. Over the years, became a secular approach, but not enough to reject the offer substantial act before Pope John Paul II in 1997. Gone are his records under the eighties and his two albums with Travelling Wilburys, the supergroup he formed with George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Have tried their luck as an actor, filmmaker or a painter, and continues to surprise with every statement out of tune and every unexpected move, how to get a disc of carols or folded, according to some censorship on his recent tour of China. The latest news related to his life came to light on Monday when an unpublished interview revealed that in the sixties was addicted to heroin and flirted with suicide.

In the XXI century, the old Dylan has only one goal to reach: the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he has chosen eight times. They say that is his obsession, although knowing his cynicism, you might not care the least. Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid home during all this week a series of activities with Bob Dylan as the undisputed star.

Amaral act tonight, Nacho Vegas Christina Rosenvinge and Hughes Aufray, to be followed by a DJ set by Radio announcer 3Santiago Alcanda. In addition, there will be a lecture on his work and a cinema with films in which he has participated. A movie. Do not look back. Wild and cool, the Bob Dylan of 1965 was living like an animal cornered by the pressure of becoming a star.

Thus we see in this vibrant black and white film, where you can admire his talent, but also reflected his anger at journalists and even other musicians like him. DA Pennebaker, 1965. Sony, 34, 95 euros. A disc. The Freewhelin 'Bob Dylan. Dylan's second album (1963), which became the benchmark for the protest song, thanks to anthems like Blowin 'in the Wind.

His iconic cover of today has been just three months ago: Suze Rotolo, then girlfriend of musician who shares the tender embrace of the CD cover, died at age 67. Columbia, 10 euros. A book. Bob Dylan revisited. The biographies of Dylan in the tens. Therefore, nothing like reviewing 13 of their most iconic songs in comic format by as many artists, among whom there are names like Jean-Claude Götting or Dave McKean.

An original and distinct look. Several authors. Standard. 18 euros.

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