Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katy B video for 'Easy Please Me': the recipe for the perfect man

Katy B has released one of the most entertaining albums and less pretentious in what we are going this year. With a view on the electronic trite more recently in the commercial landscape away from these exercises just so terribly boring in most cases, their debut On A Mission is heard very comfortable and gives good hints of style and personality worked.

The fourth single from Katy B has chosen to continue promoting her album is "Easy Please Me ', which for me is far behind its predecessors and in general the tone of the disc. 'Go Away', for me the best cut of the entire tracklist, continuous section of the simple race to make way for others who seem to attract more people.

However, it is already clear which way the shots with the three previous singles as to the tone of the album and I can not help thinking that they have put songs that really deserve it. In any case, the video you have recorded the singer for 'Easy Please Me' is quite common, despite the atmosphere of the billiard room and permeate the song pretty well.

It can find you a small gambler ready to clobber the shift mazado and over, by the way, to give us his recipe for the perfect man.

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