Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endeavour's astronauts will awaken to the music of the Asturian Stormy Mondays

Endeavour's last mission, which launched on Monday Caño Canaveral Station in Florida, not only Spanish collaboration has had to develop the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02), a kind of 'hunter' of dark matter. In addition, the astronauts who travel aboard the shuttle will awaken with the canciónSunrise number 1 (Sunrise No.

1) Asturian group work Stormy Mondays. This was made known to NASA in the early hours of Tuesday, when they have finished voting in the contest 'Space Rock' that the space agency had been called to choose song and received more than 1,300 contributions. The issue of Oviedo was initially shortlisted, along with nine others, by NASA.

The final victory came this week thanks to the 780,000 votes (for almost 50% of total) that gave the users. "It was something unimaginable," he says to your Jorge Otero, singer and guitarist of Stormy Mondays, still could not believe that one of his compositions is on the way of space. "Unthinkable," he repeats, before explaining that it had knowledge of the competition "by chance in a newsletter from a music site." The theme is realistic, described the landscapes that will see from the shuttle crew As for the song, the musician admits that it was composed specifically for the space alarm "some time was attached to the pictures sent by the International Space Station I did not miss a single one.

The theme is inspired by these images: describes the actual landscapes that the crew can see from the shuttle. " Maybe so, because the lyrics are "realistic" and "does not speak of galaxies invented light years away", might like the jury and then to the Internet, reflects Otero. Sunrise sound number 1 on the last day of the journey.

The other days, the mission is 14 - the astronauts hear the melodies chosen for their friends and family. It is the first that the Asturian, which are kept in partial shade of independence, self-release their work themselves, get feats worthy of a great rock band. In 1999, his work caught the attention of the international organization of the Woodstock festival.

Soon after, Stormy Mondays became the only Spanish training in history to get that scenario. Otero also has played with musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, one of his musical references: "It happened in New Jersey, where I went as a guest. I have known and worked with many American musicians such as Elliot Murphy." After prevent astronauts Endeovour fall asleep, the next feat of Stormy Mondays is "a tour of Italy, in August, and release an album with four songs in Castilian." * Track 1 is supportive Sunrisenumber: Stormy Mondays reports that will yield proceeds from iTunes sales in five NGOs.

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