Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let us download Bon Iver 'Calgary': good omens

The forecasts are being fulfilled, and in just over one month, next June 20, will go on sale in Europe on Bon Iver's new album, which will be called, in a display of wit, originality and marketing ( capture the irony) Bon Iver, Bon Iver. As one would expect, and following the general trend of many artists, you can download this song if you leave your email account on their website while you can reserve your disk.

And the song, what? A boat soon, and although all early trials should be relativized, we have a song coming from him easily recognizable: Voices from suggestive and dreamlike synths solemn, developments in full crescendo of emotion and a warmth that goose bumps. Perhaps closer to the sound of the EP Blood Bank, surprised the majestic presence of the battery that comes in mid-song and the emergence of some electric guitars accentuate the epic theme.

Bon Iver - Calgary by Javimetal Vale, you might be maximizing my opinion of my impulse fan, but I think, simply, a great song. We'll see if the disc maintains the level, above or (God forbid) is an isolated issue in a disappointing album. For now, we are left with great song, waiting to confirm the quality of the disc.

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