Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enrique Morente's family attributed his death to a "gross malpractice"

Enrique Morente's family has said Thursday that the singer died "bleeding" and that the autopsy confirmed that no casualties were suffered from esophageal cancer, but by a "serious medical malpractice." In a statement, the family of the singer expresses his discomfort that has been leaked on Thursday "with a grotesque manipulation" the autopsy report.

"It is false that Enrique Morente has died of complications from esophageal cancer," the family. The statement said the autopsy is actually confirming that he suffered a "cardiac arrest" while "I was with repeat a second time" Dr. Enrique Moreno. At that time, according to history, "the patient had lost blood hours after the first surgery she had undergone," says the note.

"It's time to tell ya, with the endorsement of the autopsy, which Enrique Morente bled to death," says the family. According to the autopsy report, the singer died of "multiple organ damage" caused by the complications suffered in an operation to treat cancer of the esophagus. This report was taken to court directive number 52 of Madrid on Friday, according to legal sources.

Morente, 67, died on Dec. 13 a week after undergoing surgery Morente, 67, died on Dec. 13 a week after undergoing surgery for the second time by Enrique Moreno, Prince of Asturias prize in 1999 Surgical pathology professor at the Complutense University and chief of General Surgery Hospital 12 de Octubre.

The family, who at first claimed that Morente had entered the clinic La Luz in Madrid for a stomach ulcer, complained to the doctor for alleged negligence and called for the autopsy. The autopsy was conducted on 14 December at the Forensic Anatomic Institute of Madrid. The final report notes that Morente "suffering from carcinoma of the esophagus in the middle third-inferior" and that consequently underwent esophageal gastroplasty "scheduled." That first operation was Morente suffered on 4 December.

The status of the artist was complicated and was again operated by the same surgeon on day 6. During the second operation Morente suffered a cardiac arrest, according to the autopsy, "led to a global cerebral hypoperfusion, with no pulse, sudden hypotension and hypoxemia. The lack of oxygen led to Morente hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy of which could not recover and died on 13 for a "multi-organ damage," according to the autopsy.

The court number 52, who has corresponded build the case after complaints from both the family and it holds the magistrate José María Casado, received the forensic report last Friday, according to legal sources, and forwarded the document to parties. These sources said that the coroner's court can now produce its own report, and that both the family and the respondent may request further information, evidence or testimony.

The controversy over the death of Morente was last December 14 that the medical team intervened to publish a statement in which he claimed that the singer suffered a "cancer of the esophagus of 4.5 cm in diameter, located in the middle third, lymphatic metastasis. " But the family Morente says that the forensic report "does not find even a single malignant cell, tumor or metastasis in their analysis."

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