Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cara B Collection, disks that changed our lives turned into books

When the day comes to 33 1 / 3, the collection of books about music driven from the U.S., I told you how great the idea and how well he was raised. Now in Spain just born a similar editorial initiative, promoted by the editorial Language of Cloth and critic Victor Lenore, who under the name Cara B wants to gather a handful of essential albums to crumble from the trial.

From Hypersonic, of course, we are tied to this idea as our own special concrete discographies of bands looking for that: to know that behind the albums that we like, how they are created, why they were how they were. Ripper and suck up the marrow. If 33 1 / 3 had a clear optical Anglo, Cara B restricts its scope to the music made in Spain, at least in handling the collection titles at launch.

Significantly, the Lizard Morente Omega Nick is responsible for opening fire, with journalist Bruno Galindo as a witness of how it came post a record of radical importance in opening minds to different areas. Then the library will stop in a week in the engine of a bus, in a book that Nando Cruz will have the difficult task of completing and amplify what Jesus Llorente was so great on the true story, the biography of The Planets.

And the quotations, we shall have succulent and with that epic point as well come to explain an album like this.

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