Friday, May 6, 2011

Lady Gaga: The video clip of "Judas" has arrived!

Lady Gaga unveils new video illustration of his latest song "Judas". Almost everything has been said about the clip event of Lady Gaga. The wildest rumors were already circulating and the expectations of many "Baby Monster" should be filled by the last clip of "Judas". Lady Gaga announced in Mary Magdalene, in her new video, had fired a few shocks among Catholics worldwide.

In the video clip, we find "Monster Mama" to "Bikers". In the spirit of the album cover "Born This Way," big bike and leather jacket are essential. Lady Gaga had indeed declared on MSN Canada: "I wanted to depict the beauty of history like a Fellini film where the apostles are revolutionaries of modern times.

I represent the leading Mary Magdalene to the city to meet Jesus. The clip is designed to celebrate the faith that the dispute ". So the mystery has been lifted with the end of a clip ... very tragic. Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga connects costumes, multiply both the choreography, the whole interspersed with religious symbols to accompany the track "Judas".

"Judas" is the second video from the album "Born This Way" whose publication is eagerly awaited by millions of fans of superstar, May 23, 2011. The clip of "Judas" was filmed in early April 2011. It is directed by the star itself and Laurieann Gibson, director of record of "Monster Mama." Lady Gaga has described the shooting as "the most exciting moment of his career." "This is the greatest work we have done.

"She concludes. You decide!

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