Friday, May 6, 2011

Low - C'Mon, the battalion returns home race

In 1942, Stalin issued Order 227, which obliged the soldiers with serious discipline problems take part in every military confrontation of a "battalion of battle" as cannon fodder to Soviet-style bureaucracy. The 227 also required that the comrades who were in second row, behind the Penal Battalion fired a coward.

All this propaganda dressed properly, be ended by appealing slogan: "Not one step back!". We all knew that C'Mon, Low's new album could not be like Drums & Guns. For more that happened that was the most exciting career in Duluth from Things We Lost In Fire, was pure road cut. Above all, knowing the twigs with which weaves the career of Alan, Mimi and company, because that would put the group in a constant state of emotional instability, and we saw they were not prepared for that.

The question was where to turn: returning to Secret Name or Songs For The Dead Pilot did not seem to matter, since, from a different perspective, there also Low peered into the abyss and who knows whether he expected the "lock detachment, ready to shoot. Only the atypical The Great Destroyer and the soft, barely edges, Trust, handles seemed sufficient to re-awakened.

And just as well have been: Low have continued his career in an album that sounds like the head of a serial murderer, nor is isolated from the world. The Low of C'Mon are sweet, as in 'Try To Sleep', and this time they are for real: you will not find letters with strange twists, bad body cease, nor the production will accentuate edges that were previously much more present.

As was the case in Trust, and as seen in 'Majesty / Magic', work in the studio has managed to extract the violence had often sound in the silence of Low to convert them into touch. The guitars, as the recorded Matt Beckley, someone used to disguise the mainstream alternative music, sound just that, to Alt-Rock.

Billy Corgan will love, sure. Low - Especially Me by subpop Are leaving something on the road? Actually, no: we gave to us that bit of glory and now play with it, to test whether Mimi singer may sound like a soundtrack to Dawson's Creek or hide from his past in several songs. Alan impressive to see the sky and sing as never lift a song that starts at ground level so as 'Nightingale'.

And ultimately, the feeling is again that Low always able to make something clear, they still needed more songs that easy to forget. Low - by Sky-Tinted Nightingale Sound

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