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Eurovision 2011: LAzerbadjan victorious with Ell and Nikki

This Saturday, May 14, 2011 has witnessed the first musical triumph of Azerbaijan. For this 56th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, host Germany and winner of 2010 offered us a show simply magnificent. To discover the songs of the 25 countries chosen for the Eurovision 2011, in Düsseldorf and had arranged to meet 35,000 people at the Arena, the football stadium in Düsseldorf, covered for the occasion.

Musical event shared by more than 200 million viewers, the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has started with a sparkling show and participation of the famous German singer who said Jan Delay mode rockabilly song German victory in 2010 by singer Lena. The Eurovision Song Contest 2011 was opened in Finland and has allowed us to discover many singers, bands and singers talent.

This 2011 edition of Eurovision is also marked by a certain unit of genres and originality marked some participants .. Thus, it was hard not to notice the talent of the singer Switzerland Rossinelli Anna and her song "In Love For A While" in a jazzy atmosphere, like Italy, represented by an original song and very jazzy Raphael Gualazzi who played an Italian jazz perfectly "al dente".

Raphael Gualazzi beautifully signed the return from Italy after a long absence from the Eurovision, taking second place on the podium in 2011. Pop side, Eurovision 2011 was a festival of international influence including Eric Saade, the Swedish candidate won the third place. Thus, the Danish pop-rock to dance music from Hungary with the song "What about my dreams, through Estonia represented by Getter Jaani, many candidates were influenced by the current global pop production, flashy presence of Ireland represented by the twins Jedward who performed the song "Lipstick" and influence its climax with the Russian candidate with his producer was none other than a named RedOne.

Ubiquitous to the Eurovision 2011, was associated with RedOne Vorobjov Alexei, Russian interpreter of the song "Get You" which had its effect in the Arena in Düsseldorf. Among the other stars of hits, Britain was represented by the boy band Blue and the song "I Can". A song that could have easily have found in previous albums.

Remarkably, Lena, German victorious candidate in 2010, was retried in 2011 his luck with a new song to the intriguing atmosphere called "Taken By A Stranger". A song that has not been as successful as expected but with delicacy which marks the talent of this young performer whose career in Germany should continue easily.

Eurovision 2011 was marked by the French interpretation and lyrical to give chills to Amaury Vassili and the song "Sognu. A song that despite its quality did not convince the European public to the point of equalizing paris bookmakers whose predictions had put France ahead. Please note, the song of Lithuania, by Evelina Sašenko, whose title was in French "My Life" as a leitmotif with the refrain "It's my life: I said yes in the middle of English words.

This new edition of the Eurovision Song Contest live from Düsseldorf was therefore an opportunity to discover the music of countries like Azerbaijan with Ell and Nikki that we have presented a pop-rock melody sung by a duet in the chorus of good quality "Running Scared. " So a song that allowed Azerbaijan to win for the first time since the beginning of his participation in the Eurovision in 2008.

A large moement of emotion for this country to be the organizer of the 2012 edition! In moments of emotion this evening of music, we should note the participation of Iceland with a beautiful pop-folk song performed by the band's Sjonnie Friends to translate "Friends Sjonnie. Name chosen in homage to the composer of the song "Coming Home" tragically disappeared in 2011 during preparations for the Eurovision.

Austria was also back after 4 years of absence with a beautiful love song and Nadine Beiler, a singer to interpret both poignant and forceful on the theme of love with "The Secret Is Love" . Finally, Ukraine which, beyond the ballad sung by Mika Newton's girlfriend, made the pride of the ephemeral art with the giant screen of the creation of a sand painting drawn by a live giving a unique artist and ends with the message "Share Your Love." Finally, Eurovision would not be quite perfect without a bit of folklore.

And this year 2011, Moldova has made the show with the band Zdob? I Zdub and a rock-based surprising pointed hats. Spain we also presented a song in a very academic style Latin pop. Finally, we note the participation of Serbia with a song in his native language to reflect the warm and lightweight, easily remembered the hit "It's Ok" Cee-Lo Green.

At the end of the performance of 25 participants, the European public, massed in front of his television, found a benefit of two songs by Jan Delay, famous German artist, founder of Disko number one, we regret not having could quite find the French delegation had considered more relevant to his comments during the first song of the German star.

After the votes, so it is Azerbaijan represented by the duo Nikki Ell and emotion that filled the stadium in Düsseldorf with their song "Running Scared." The following seats were contested until the last vote in Italy, finally No. 2, and Sweden, which finished third in the evening with his song "Popular".

The favorite, France does not finish until the fifteenth place with the song With this grand show, Eurovision has presented a 56th edition of high quality. With a choice rather homogeneous. It is nevertheless regrettable too vast majority of the songs performed in English in order to obtain a wider audience for most participants.

Finally, note the ouster of Dana International and her song "Ding Dong", which as pointed out by the Israeli present remain a "Diva International.

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