Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eurovision 2011: the stars of hits for Ireland and Germany

After an initial overview of outstanding entries, selected in the final of Eurovision 2011, here is a zoom on the artists confirmed for the competition, having already agreed a musical experience in the public eye. First presentation with Jedward, representing Ireland and Lena, chosen by Germany to represent a second time at Eurovision.

The Jedward were highly appreciated at the contest with their song "Lipstick" lively and current. Surprising because the song was written and composed, among others, Lars Halvor Jensen, producer and composer whose collaborations include with Sugababes, Lemar, or Blue. The latter were also present in the competition, under the colors of the United Kingdom with their song "I Can".

"Lipstick" was originally written for the second album Jedward, but finally opted for the contest. Their nickname, Jedward is originally born from the mixture of their 2 first names: John and Edward. These twin brothers who have represented their native Ireland, are not at their first attempt.

Proved in 2009 by the season 6 of the show "X Factor", the Jedward recorded an album "Planet Jedward" in July 2010 has topped the charts in Ireland. From the album "Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)", a mix of a very successful adaptation of the tube of the 80 "Under Pressure", originally recorded by David Bowie and Queen with Freddie Mercury, and song "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice signed in 1989.

Note also that the rapper is also present on the first hit of Jedward Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby). " This single, listening MusiqueRadio since February 2010. com, has won the # 1 ranking for the Irish and No. 2 in the United Kingdom. The Jedward are currently sold out tour. Ireland is part confidently in Eurovision 2011 with, in the luggage of twins, the song "Lipstick." With a disappointing place last year at the 23rd position, Ireland is still the country that scored the highest number of wins with seven titles achieved since the 70s.

The Jedward reach only the eighth in the standings but should console themselves easily. The song "Lipstick" was positioned directly in second place in sales in Ireland. We now focus on German participation in this year 2011 with Lena, the remarkable German singer interprets the song "Taken by a stranger" in the final.

The young Lena has won his title at stake, since it is she who has represented Germany at the Eurovision 2010, and won with his song "Satellite." It was discovered during the show "Star für Unser Oslo in March 2010 which was intended to appoint the representative of Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 which took place in Oslo.

After his first appearance at Eurovision, Lena recorded an album, "My cassette player, which rises straight to the top of sales in Germany and Austria. "Satellite" will be part of the album and have access to first place rankings in many countries like Germany, Finland or Switzerland. She gets a double platinum in her homeland and a gold record in Sweden.

Following his victory in Oslo, its popularity has not waned and his album sales largely reflected, "My tape player will finally certified 5 times gold records in Germany. Prior to her particpation in Eurovion 2011 Lena released a second album in February 2011 entitled "Good News", in which we find the song "Taken by a stranger." The album was produced entirely by e Stefan Raab, TV host and musician.

He also represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with her song "Wadde dudde hadde da? "Where he came 5th. "Good news" will reach the pole position in the German charts and is certified platinum. Building on its success, Lena will again be chosen to represent Germany at Eurovision 2011 but will be dethroned by Azerbaijan.

Despite his tenth place this year at Eurovision 2011, Lena seems to start a music career aura of success.

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