Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Those Dancing Days - Daydreams & Nightmares: gluing the lug

Those Dancing Days are so wicked young, Swedish and addictive that some want to see some erotic component to what the views of them. While all these attributes are desirable tools for any group of indie-pop, what distinguishes them from other women's groups is their ease melodic and pleasant way to transmit rabies without having to fit them with rrrriot girls, punk or the so-California fi, which may fit more on your first album.

Now they have polished the rough arrangements and accelerated its debut that is somewhat abrupt, hasty, and this has been a significant step forward. Continue disheveled in his moments, but do so with a surprising lightness and multiplies the hook surround primordial. And if this were not enough, delivered several memorable songs (within the inherent transience of pop songs in 3 minutes).

The two videos that illustrate the entry, 'Keep me in your pocket' and the more mellow 'Help me close my eyes' are a good example of how a good production, although it's more accessible, can result in a higher result. The rest of the album represents the qualitative composition and interpretive level, which leave permanent feeling of amateurism In Our Space Hero Suits.

Since opening with the powerful and dark 'Reaching forward' to duet with the Maccabees 'One Day Forever', which open and close the disc, give a review of the best of indie pop ("I'll be yours ',' Dream about me ',' Can not find entrance 'or' Keep me in your pocket ') and a bit of harmless and infectious punk ("I Know Where You Live Pt.2', 'Fuckarias'), leaving a cleverly background synths that flooded his first album (accompanying 'When we fade away' or 'Forest of Love ", subduing the' Reaching forward ').

Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (Youtube)

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