Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miley Cyrus, as more sexy and rocker, won the night in Caracas (+ photos)

Caracas (May 18 / Music Rumors) .- Much leather and scantily clad Miley Cyrus was the night of Tuesday 17 May at the football stadium at the Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), in his only recital tour in Venezuela Corazón Gitano which lasted almost an hour and a half. At 8:50 left in the dark Sartenejas Valley producing the euphoria of a public that patiently waited out the scene of the popularly known, Hannah Montana, but the sweet character is just the name.

After a few seconds the stage lit up revealing a sexy Cyrus, who came out wearing a short leather shorts, a top bright red jacket and knee-boots who joined his tight pants emulating a garter belt. Liberty Walk, Party in the USA and Kicking and Screaming opened the show, being the second most echoed by the public.

Before singing Robot, Miley quickly expressed its gratitude to the Venezuelan people to continue with the download. "Thanks guys for being here tonight, thank you very much, are the best." Cyrus surprised the audience with covers of songs that were once big hits but little known to his young age, like I Love Rock and Roll from the British band The Arrows, Bad Reputation of one of the most important female figures Rock, Joan Jett, the U.S.

played Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Fleetwood Mac Landslide Although it was with Smell like ten spirit of Nirvana, considered the anthem of the '90s and grunge icon, which overflowed its Disney exchica rebellion stage. "This song has inspired me. All human beings have a dream, and I want to show that the dream can come true, so I dedicate this song to all those who have inspired me in life.

" Cherry Bomb, Fly on the wall, Scars, Take Me Along and The climb also part of the repertoire performed throughout the U.S.. From "Gypsy" recently had the show, during the more than 90 minutes highlighted the electronic sounds, downloads, guitar and lots of rock and roll, accompanied by an impeccable set of lights and electrifying images that flooded the main screen.

Miley did not fail to show your sensuality with every outfit, and imbued with great energy every song played on Tuesday night, revealing a tough girl and rocker, who took more than interact with their guitarists and dancers who with the Venezuelan public.

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