Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Extremoduro Rock returns giddy tango

Three years it took for the rock band Extreme in signs of life since he published that innate law, an album articulated movements, and lapses sweet instrumental chaos. Now the band returns to the fray with the difficult task of maintaining a ribbon in the last decade made them concerning a school that combines toughness and poetry.

Everything seems to indicate that the last album the band has not been an easy task for training. The release date was not clear for several months and was even postponed. Extremadura seemed that cost them to the last stitch. Only a few weeks ago appeared a "finally" relieved on its website and the news that the new album, faulty equipment was ready.

It goes on sale on 24 May. But meanwhile, Robe Iniesta and his colleagues have already posted their first single on their official website, entitled Tango suicide. The title is not casual. Perhaps in an effort to explore new territories, the group introduced its first single with a tango that takes a few minutes to take the identifying characteristics of the band.

To discover the rest of the paper -35 minutes of lyrics and guitar recognizable tear of their previous albums divided into five themes, will have to wait few more weeks.

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