Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sôber: "Greed destroyed the beauty and essence of the group"

The Sôber Madrid, who in his first studio album in seven years charged against pride, acknowledge that there are many sins in which they have incurred, including greed, which led them to wear. With Superbia, which have published today, full of energy again, they say, "to stay." We went to the bar very high, leaving many concerts hung "We went to the bar very high, leaving many concerts and hung back because we have things to say", argues in an interview Carlos Escobedo, vocals and bass in this band from Madrid.

After the disc Reddo (2004) Sôber split into two groups, Savia and Skizoo, as those that "unleash musical parts that did not fit in Sober," says Escobedo. After releasing three separate discs, these bands agreed for the first time at a concert in Ciudad Real, where he found that the public missed Sôber.

"Behind us, there came a group that we blew on her neck and did not Savia occupied Skizoo that gap," says Antonio Bernardini (guitar). With Synthesis (2001), considered one of the best alternative Spanish rock albums, and especially Paradysso (2002), which went platinum and number one with the song ten years, the band achieved a prominent status within their style, that led to endless tours throughout Spain.

In this return, "we decided we were going to run our race as we drive," says Jorge Escobedo (guitar) for the first returned with a tour that, among other places, led them to their audience in Mexico and with which they could see how they worked after the incorporation of Manu Reyes on drums.

Superbia (Latin Pride) is their sixth studio album, although they say they have the "illusion" of the first. They say the arrangements have worked hard, single and double voices and, sin of ego, say they have checked the "most important work of his career. The script arrived with 3D glasses to read it tells that it is a proposed "sense" not only on issues (666 speaks of the temptation), but also in the design, which arrives with 3D glasses to enjoy the script and who boast of having overcome "by far." The first cut of the same name as the album, the most social of all claims that the "greed of man will lose everything." "That's something we ourselves have lived in our Sôber stage, with the desire to keep playing that destroys the beauty, the essence," says Carlos.

The band also returned with the firm purpose of showing that the rock is not dead. "Some rock is a loyal, not driven by fashion and Viña Rock concerts as 50,000 people attending, which only makes Madonna," says the singer. After his performance last year at Rock in Rio de Madrid with Motorhead and Metallica, are intended to dispense their appearances, mostly at festivals, offering longer and shows its age alone, with more than two hours which conjugated hits and new songs.

Among other appointments, act May 13 in Murcia (Gamma room) and one day later, in Granada (Industrial Copera). Will also in Valencia (June 3, Mirror room) and Barcelona (June 4, Bikini). His oldest age, Madrid, enjoy them on May 20 at Joy Eslava and 15 July at the Festival de Getafe Sonisphere.

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