Saturday, May 7, 2011

Festival do Norte 2011: Chronicle of Friday, May 6

Never say never because in the end you have to swallow your words. After my experience in the second edition of International Festival of Benicassim, FIB then it was an acronym does not exist in the vocabulary of 'indie kid', I vowed that I would not displace any other event that is held outside Asturias.

And fifteen years after that I succumbed to the tempting offer to the organization of the Festival do Norte, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. Reaching Arousa is not easy from Gijón; impossible aerial connections, five hours and peak travel by car and many miles of roads are not always in good condition.

We missed the first names of first-time poster: Srasrsa, McEnroe, swimmer, Joe Twilight and Them, and really feel for the second and fourth, and we almost ran out to see the next in line for Chapel Club a problem of accreditation. A band of Lewie Bowman had not paid too much attention and did not surprise me too much.

Londoners returned to premiere in our country their debut album, Palace (Loog-Interscope), again on the initiative of the promoter ARE Galicia, with a well-constructed indie rock but with some obvious debts obvious influences: indie, showgaze, new wave . Sure, it will speak on the future of Chapel Club, but in the meantime we premiered his latest single, 'Blind', perhaps the best song of this first issue, and some of their hits: 'Roads', 'All The Eastern Girls' 'Five Trees' and 'Surfacing'.

It was an hour concert that will force me to dive back into his proposal. And suddenly there appeared changed the backline and the kings of good vibes, yes, Delafé and Las Flores Azules, and a host of fans who long ago I took down. If the first record of Barcelona, had a pass, and the second was more of the same, both signed with the de facto good, start living the last it seemed so ridiculous presentuosa be reached.

How can it be that Helena Miquel and Oscar D'Aniello had before it the largest peak audience for this first day of the Festival Do Norte? Of course, watching the rock that swarmed the VIP area one could extrapolate the degustation of those who bask in these Trumpets of Death more false than the iPhone that a guy tried to sell me this morning in O Grove.

I liked looking Facto Delafé and Las Flores Azules vs. The Monster of the Ramblas, a record tied at the beginning of a great personal stage, but the bases that these issues are now 'in January on the beach', 'Sea, the power of the sea', and were staged to me a horror. And no less so the other issues: 'La Juani', in light of the morning, and the new duo as 'Holy Spirit'.

In short, expendable, boring and tiresome. May68 were for me the surprise of the Festival Do Norte, in the absence of the concert tonight. His stage presence was amazing Estrella Galicia with a perfect direct a singer, Jude Wainwright, which for me is the new Siouxsie Sioux. Manchester's large disk are not yet on the market are grown.

They ate the rest of fellow stage, even! Who took to following them. They admit that part of the heritage of the disco scene of New York, the post-punk, Chicago house and classic pop, and live sound fresh. 'My Ways', his debut single, 'The Prisoner' and 'The New You' are already part of my favorite soundtrack to 2011.

The only penalty of this quintet concert was a little hard time. In one breath, just three quarters of an hour, May68, were 'more infectious than the swine flu, "a label coined by The Fly. Perhaps they would not offer an encore because it was exciting waiting to come out!, Who saw in Glastonbury.

I'm not a big fan of! (Chk Chk Chk) and yes, after seeing them live I have to say that they are a well-oiled machinery for the dance floor. Frontman Nic Offer is a total, the milk in two words. Appeared on stage with a pair of shorts and a desire to lag out of the ordinary. The dancing alone managed to get all the girls, which was no small, past to 1.00 AM, with its spasmodic dancing, his eccentric movements by tables and a swagger that seemed to pose.

A performance in which he reviewed all their hits and it took us until late in a morning, after which DJ Ivan and DJ's The Planets, with J in the lead, finished off what has been started by the Americans.

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