Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lucia Perez, a week of Eurovision, coincides with the experts and highlights UK

The singer Lucía Pérez, the Spanish representative in the final of Eurovision Song Contest with the theme bailao I removed it, he said, one week before the event, he was "convinced of the work done so far and supercharged forces to enjoy." José María Iñigo, who will act as commentator for the finery, has downplayed the victory and said that, in this case, "appearing in the final is the big prize" and says that "the best song never wins or never the last song is the worst.

" "Everybody criticizes him, but everyone sees it," said Inigo, which highlights the "spectacular display of tele" which means this song contest which, in his view, has long left the era of "song and dance" to present topics that are "in the real market of music." The staging is in full agreement with the canciónPérez, which has been very excited these days and "more and more desire," has praised "the high quality of all countries" and highlighted the proposals from the UK, with Blue to the group known as favorites, as well as those of Switzerland and Iceland.

"Whatever happens, we remove it bailao" said the interpreter at a press conference this week, making a pun on the title of his song, whose staging is ready. "I'm going with two girls and three boys, great professionals and people, and we had a pipe on stage. The staging is in full agreement with the song, and the day of the festival we will give everything, "said the artist, who wear the designers model and Maru Lage Galician Sara Calderon.

Igartiburu, as before, will responsible for driving from the studios of Sant Cugat in Barcelona the previous program and after Saturday's final with the others, whose names have not wanted to reveal for now. The presenter, who also emphasizes the 50 years since TVE participating in Eurovision, told the press conference mentioned that "always relate to something trivial or partying, but I want to emphasize especially the level of this year." Altogether 43 countries, nineteen in each of the two semifinals (to be held on 10 and 12 May and will be broadcast by La 2 de TVE) and the final (day 14, which will offer you all the details on Music Rumors.

s), with 25 countries. Spain played on Saturday automatically a member of the "Big Five", which make up the countries that make financial contribution to its conclusion, this is in addition to Spain, UK, France, Germany and Italy, who returns after fourteen years of absence. What chance it has decided is the position to act Perez, No.


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