Saturday, May 7, 2011

Morla Vetusta deals direct sound energy in SOS 4.8 Festival in Murcia

The band from Madrid Vetusta Morla, selling their self-produced debut album, A Day in the world, and her recently released second album, Maps, has shown in his long-awaited comeback has sound energy to go around, but you need to improve their lighting show. Combining themes of the two discs, Tres Cantos have presented a live spectacular in the festival's main stage Murcia SOS 4.8, which have been uploaded immediately after MGTM Americans their only concert in Spain in 2011.

Earlier in the covered stage in the auditorium of Murcia, has delighted audiences the combo made up of the Barcelona Albert Pla, master of ceremonies, the French multi-instrumentalist and Petit Pascal Comelade Puppet Orchestra Soimatruites. Co-founder, singer and guitarist of the New York group Sonic Youth, Lee Ranaldo, opened with audiovisual concert the day of the festival with a performance of "spoken word" narrative in which his electric guitar hanging vertically from a rope from the top and headstock, while he made it sound with your hand and recited poems in English.

In the small room packed auditorium, Albert Pla has commanded a gang of musicians and puppeteers has made the sum in the lyrics of the seven deadly sins, ETA and Al Qaeda, without complexes, as usual. With a nod to the song The site of my recreation, Antonio Vega, Pla has sung-spoken a reference to the veins dream, dreams, body and feelings with several musicians, a twin-size puppets and a remixer -trumpeter also moved the wrong hands.

"Yo, when I can not sleep, I get a straw," says one of the musicians from one song and one that speaks of a "Star of Seville", which happens to be Paco León "in an airplane," one of the popular actors Aida Telecinco series. "Hey, Albert, why do not you tell dancing?" He says Pla other musician of his group after he has walked with a flashlight of a miner in the head in the audience, after which begins a no show puppet, but human soles with eyes and mouth that interact.

But the real attraction of the first day of the festival, saving his lighting technician, has been Vetusta Morla, with a direct energy, which was preceded on stage by Manel adjacent one of the revelations of recent years, despite to sing in Catalan, which supposedly limits your audience.

In the wave of the Mallorcan Antonia Font, but far more speed uploads, Manel, making a folk-pop energy and food that draws on the sources of teachers Lluis Llach, Joan Manuel Serrat and Raimon, has nurtured the spirit, the body and mind of those who came, literally running from the other stages of the festival.

Morla Vetusta leader lacks plasticity on the boards, but does not seem to need it, because it generates in its audience a brutal energy, rewards are well recovered by the tremendous quality of his songs.

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