Saturday, May 21, 2011

Filtering a preview of the new album by Trivium

Trivium Shogun came up with a lesson of what is to recover the strength and grit, factors that some have feared they had lost. Three years after such a great release, the band's Florida again this year with its fifth studio album, and is also the first that will be without Travis Smith on drums, where Nick has been replaced by Augustus.

While still not official, is expected to christen the album still comes through Roadrunner in early August and we had not planned any progress until June. But we know that with the power of the Internet, little can be done and the theme 'In Waves' (YouTube) has been leaked this weekend to our delight metalhead.

The track meets all we can expect from Trivium, perfect alternating grunts and melodic riffs blunt and perhaps a little sparse in guitar solos. Not the most cutting edge they had, but it opens the appetite for the new album, so we can ask little more in that direction.

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