Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues: exceeding expectations

When the pressure of living up to a debut that involves critical acclaim and / or groups to a group self-demanding and it seems that it devours the group (the album is delayed, rewrite or re-something), usually twist the gesture. I do not a priori, but usually these doubts are just reflecting discs or disconnected, or indeed cowardly to just give out a timid and punctual innovations on the formula that has given him success.

On this occasion, all the turns that have given the disc have been worthwhile, given the final result. On this occasion, and in a manner proportional to what they have done Manel (of which we prontito), have kept all their strengths to the full but without giving up giving us an album more elaborate, ambitious, and improving the delivery Baroque ...

after, although there is no song that seems so iconic as' White Winter Hymnal. " The depth to get moving for 12 songs reflects the consistency of a record that leaves no lows as he sensed his debut album worthy, but preceded by the fabulous coming EP Sun Giant had to saturate (despite the amount of Featured topics).

Here, except for me the second half of 'The Shrine / An Argument', broken by a trumpet as unnecessary as that of 'The Glorious Land' of PJ Harvey's latest album, there's nothing you can not get the disc. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop From the simplicity and "austerity" of 'Montezuma', 'Blue Spotted Tail' or the magnificent and emotive "Someone you'd admire 'the rest of the songs are enriched by a multitude and variety analogous to the instrumental plus vocal harmonies that represent the voice of Robin that stands as one of the most beautiful voices and personal folk.

'Bedouin Dress' takes advantage of a violin that become almost a party mditerránea, 'Battery Kinzie' takes the role of percussion that is directing, and most acoustic guitars and mandolins are tetroalimentadas and steel guitar that is not become actors, but they provide an effective choral when indulging in the nostalgia and melancholy of the songs.

The album is part of the instrumental interlude of 'The Cascades', leaving an absolutely incontestable first half, with the tops of a lively and unpredictable in its evolution' Sim Sala Bim "and a capitalized title track, which allowed the convoluted structures luxury at your convenience, a second half against more conventional and classic as the skeleton of his songs, but also aesthetic finish but more slowly, which closes with the first song I knew the album, the "single ? 'Grown Ocean', elated, ecstatic, assuming a monumental snap disc.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes from Ocean Grown on Vimeo. Like Coldplay on their Viva la Vida, is also aimed at stopping fashion two songs in one, obtaining a more detailed and calm in The Plains / Bitter Dancer ', and more bombastic in' The Shrine / An Argument '. Particularly, I prefer that if last two songs together in a single subject does not notice, or title, and that is a surprise as a listener, but the only thing that matters is the result, and the feeling that 'The Shrine' "in lone shines much more than their final minutes is certainly frustrating.

Pájara "or" producer attack? I do not know if I like their sound (delicious folk, pop, and blues, psychedelic, dreamy, family, pastoral and rural equally), which have included not one bad song on the album, or anything that evoke ( in my case, these rural huts where bucolic engrossed in the winter evenings and those taking a walk through the woods with the dogs when the sun rises after a good storm).

The case involving the triumph of persistence, ambition from perfectionism, and pause and familiarity in the world of social networks and loss of privacy. Perhaps they have been aupado too early, but the time to do so may be now, or we could still expect to not be too arrogant and that his next album will magnify your figure even more.

But these guys are great.

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