Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eurovision 2011: the songs of Leston, lAutriche, lIslande and Switzerland

After the trio Azerbaijan, Italy and Sweden, we continue our journey through the titles to retain the Eurovision 2011. Focus on Estonia, Austria, Iceland and Switzerland. Despite these 24 years, Anna has yet Rossinelli already sung in several groups, which brought him a good experience on stage and studio.

Became the lead singer of the trio "Anne Claire" with George Dillon and Manuel Meisel, Anna Rosselli noted a difficult challenge because Switzerland has not won the competition since 1988 with the unforgettable Celine Dion. She still will qualify for the finals, despite unfavorable prognosis in the semi-finals.

Despite his pretty love song "In love for a while" and his talent, Switzerland fail to last in the standings. A lot of emotions for the participation of Iceland in 2011. "Coming Home" presented by the Friends Sigurjon's colors in Icelandic, is a song written and composed by Sigurjon Brink, who tragically died at the Icelandic selections.

The group decided to keep the song and change its name in honor of their missing friend. The six performers are known on the island, either solo or group artist. Gunnar Olason group member, has represented Iceland at Eurovision 2001 under the pseudonym 2 Tricky, a duo with Kristian Gíslason who finished in 22nd place.

Despite a nice rhythm and catchy, the Sigurjon's Friends and their track "Coming Home" will finish in 20th place. At only 17 years, Getter Jaani represents his native Estonia at Eurovision 2011 with her song "Rockefeller Street. But the young lady is not a beginner. In 2009, she won the 4th place "otsib superstaari Eesti, Estonian equivalent tele-hook" new star ".

Subsequently, she moves with an album entitled "LDAP Parima EP and 3 singles. His fame allowed him, eventually, to get small movie roles and participate in a TV series popular in Estonia, "Riigimehed. Despite his musical skills, Getter Jaani failed done everything to convince Europe. "Rockefeller Street remains stuck at the bottom of the ranking, with 24th place.

Nina has defended his country's colors with a song in Serbian called "Caroban" which translates as "magic." Just like his song, "Caroban" was written and composed by Kristina Kovač, big pop star in Serbia, with 4 albums as a duo with her sister under the pseudonym "K2" and a solo album under his belt .

Obviously well looked at Eurovision 2011, Nina, whose real name is Danica Radojčić also a talented artist who has won numerous competitions and festivals. Serbia is present in the competition since 2007, a first participation as an independent country and a key to victory! However, this year she wait that 14th place.

The Austrian Nadine Beiler to be presented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, the song "The secret is love," a pretty ballad with subtle theatrics, but that does not land at 18th place. Nadine Beiler has yet been the youngest qualifiers for the finals of Starmania, TV hook-Austrian. She will win the final in 2006 and released an album next year "Komm doch mal rüberqui" which climbed to 4th place in sales in Austria.

The single "Alles was willst's" from that album was even raised to the second rank. His second album "I've got a voice," freshly released last week, including the love song "The secret is love" presented at the competition. Nadine Beiler can console himself for his 18th place in Eurovision, her new album is, for now, ninth in sales in Austria.

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