Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LMFAO: "Party Rock Anthem" at the top!

Since its introduction, a few weeks ago, listening radio. com you had not hidden his commitment to this new production of vitamin-signed by LMFAO. The group has now reached the top hits with "Party Rock Anthem, a number of downloads this week on iTunes. Proud of this ranking, the group, which will make us all dance and e reveals the cover of their second album, "Sorry For Party Rocking" due out June 20, 2011.

The sound of "Party Rock Anthem" will resonate throughout the summer in the clubs and the beach. LMFAO the song is already present in many playlists of DJs for over six months. As such, already grown to become a tube across the Atlantic and across the Channel, announces the return of mixing dance and hip-hop, "to Mr.

C Sar & The McCoy, with funny and offbeat touches the image of her 2 producers in Los Angeles. LMFAO decided to strike a major blow in 2011 with this new hit, "Party Rock Anthem, which is the prelude to their second studio album" Sorry For Party Rocking ". This new album from Los Angeles will be available from the 20th June, before the music festival and summer.

LMFAO (Laugh My Fucking Ass Off) are in the process of panic throughout Europe with the single "Party Rock Anthem." The success of "Party Rock Anthem" is also reinforced by the video clip. In it, LMFAO pays tribute to famous horror movie "28 Days Later" and "battles" of "breakdancing." The video of the hit "Party Rock Anthem" came quietly from the 40 million views, with increasing success to an audience far beyond the one million shares on social networks.

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