Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grgoire: "The Promise" in duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman

Gregoire this week proposed a new single from his album "The Same Sun." After the songs "Dance" and "Sun", the singer MyMajorCompagny hits a home run with the title "The Promise", a unique duo with Jean-Jacques Goldman. After "Dancing" and "Sun", Gregory gives new life to her album "The Same Sun" by propelling his duet with Jean-Jacques Goldman "The Promise".

Already platinum in France, the new album of Gregory should be stimulated by the promising duo where one finds a beautiful interpretation of the famous Jean-Jacques Goldman, a boon to all fans of the singer's hit "I Walk Alone" . The song was written by Gregory himself and reveals Jean-Jacques Goldman in an exercise where it is now rare.

The choice of Jean Jacques Goldman interpret a song as a duet with Gregory comes perhaps because officials label My Major Company. One of the creators of this label is none other than Michael Goldman. In addition to this new single, listen to the radio, Gregory is also full tour. No stranger to travel, he will also attend the show "Miss VIP On Board Special Music Festival" of the M6 which will be released on June 21, the feast of music.

The show will be taped Tuesday, May 24, 2011. Gregory will board the iDTGV Paris, Marseilles for a musical journey where he will present his album "The Same Sun" in acoustic version and carry passengers at high speed in his musical universe.

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