Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grinderman, video of "Goodbye Mickey Mouse and the Man ': the drawings are not for children

Grinderman are playing to his own, which is promoting its second album in the most outlandish possible. All materials that have been going out of Grinderman 2 have followed the line of the ugly, and somewhat disturbing to the unpleasant position in which they are kept with the music video "Goodbye Mickey Mouse and the Man '.

Critically reviewing the record I did, I've described this song as "the rage that grows within us to make us prey to it, uncontrolled and destructive." Months later, the video created with Ilinca Höpfner seems to fit that definition, even taking that to an uncontrolled raging paranoia of werewolves, military face and giant Cave mammary glands.

A Despiporre, come on. Too bad we did not find further doses of ill drool Grinderman's last album, but much less compliant canine debut. Recall that the quartet will have it soon playing at Primavera Sound 2011, allegedly after finishing the summer tour will return to gather all the equipment for a new album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

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