Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jorge Ruiz, Maldita Nerea: "We have to make good songs and stop complaining"

Jorge Ruiz, soul of Murcia Maldita Nerea, is the closest thing the boyfriend that every mother would want for her daughter, serious, educated, healthy (never drinks) and dedicated athlete. And on top, successful. His new album is called Easy. Obvious question: why 'Easy'? We want people to identify the word with us.

Between the easy and the difficult is to tend to nature, which is the easy part. So do children. The adult is the shit. The concept is easy to put into practice soon. And it works. I invite everyone to try it. It is also complicated human life ... Yes, but not both. Everyone needs a place of peace.

What is yours? Sport. Amount much bike, go to the gym ... Eludes me and I feel fine. "Maldita Nerea's music is easy? As you find a message that reaches everyone, yes. And I love it so. In music there are often too complicated and too much noise. We want people to identify the word 'easy' with us Where and how to find inspiration for your songs? Focusing on something else.

Most of the big ideas that have changed mankind have sprung doing something else. Still, is reputed to be methodical ... Yes, because I have great respect for the audience. I understand that my music does not like everybody, but not understand that someone said: "This guy does not say anything." To what extent does the recipient account when writing songs? It is a common dispute in pop: be commercial or not.

Is absurd: we must reach people. If not, you get on a stage. Everyone wants to reach as many people as possible, nobody can tell me otherwise. Jorge Ruiz and Maldita Nerea Maldita Nerea is Jorge Ruiz? Is a group led by a team behind me. Maldita Nerea not understand without me, but not without the musicians, the record ...

What is the relationship with a multinational when things are so clear? Excellent: no large company would allow us things to us. This is because there is mutual trust. Do not have to do with the industry crisis forces them to be less intrusive? We have shown that we deserve to be taken into account.

Companies can not afford the change of cycle and we have to pull the car. What musicians have to do is to make good songs, try to reach people and stop complaining. Jorge Ruiz is the group leader Maldita Nerea. They formed in Murcia in 2000 and debuted that year with Quarter Moon. They have released four albums.

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