Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eurovision 2011: the stars of hits for Russia and the United Kingdom

After the discovery of Lena, the participating German and Irish Jedward, Eurovision has also hosted two other confirmed artists: the British band Blue and Alexej Vorobjov, representative of Russia. Small presentation. The song "I Can", placed 11th in the standings of Eurovision, is played by the talented pop band Blue.

The BBC has announced that the group would represent the UK at Eurovision with the single "I Can" which was unveiled March 11, 2011. Blue is a "boy band" composed of four British singers. The famous Simon Webbe, Duncan James, Antony Costa and Lee Ryan. The group is known to both the UK and internationally, with over 15 million albums sold.

Formed in 2001, before separating in 2005 and reformed in April 2009, the Blue discography is quite impressive with 3 albums released over a period of 3 years. The duet with Elton John "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" makes a point of honor to the life of the group which is leading in sales, not to mention a beautiful duet with the famous Stevie Wonder ..

During the band split, the artists seek to seduce the public each on their side. James Duncan released "I Believe My Heart" with Keedie, then his solo album, "Future Past" in 2006. In 2005, Simon Webbe releases the album "Sanctuary". With some success, it is the only group to have the opportunity to publish a second solo album, "Grace." Finally, Antony Costa released a single "Do You Ever Think of Me," before turning to an acting career, with an interest in the film "Blood Brothers".

These solo careers mixed lead members to again join forces. With this participation in the Eurovision Blue again demonstrates its ability to thrill the crowds. Also, the group recently announced plan for a new album, with collaborations with Bruno Mars and Ne Yo. The Russian envoy Alexei Vorobjov, aka Alex Sparrow, we proposed "Get You," a song very pop nuances.

Surprising because this song is produced by the famous RedOne! Popular producer in the world of pop and r'n'b with, to his credit, collaborations with the biggest stars of hits: Lady Gaga, Akon, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Mika, Sean Kingston or Kat DeLuna. In 2010, RedOne has won two Grammy awards and three Brit Awards.

Produced by RedOne, the song "Get You" was written by a team composed of Alexej Vorobjov champion himself, accompanied by Bilal "The Chief" and Aj Junior who produced the resulting "Bumpy Ride" by Mohombi. Right people to "Get You", Alexej Vorobjov is not a beginner. Since its 16 years, as the official folk singer of a set of Tula, his hometown.

There is gold at the Delphic Games, the equivalent of the Olympics in the arts and culture. In 2005, he participated in the Russian version of "X Factor", will win and he will forge a notoritété which led him to participate in the Russian equivalent of the TV show "Dancing with the stars." He recorded 14 singles from 2006 to 2011 including "Get You" and signed with Universal Music.

Complete artist, he became the star of a musical on MTV called "Dreams of Alice" and won a subsequent MTV Music Award for "Discovery of the Year." Also gifted in sport, he showed impressive performances in two Russian programs "The Amazing Race" and "Wipe Out". The young Russian had already participated twice in the Russian Eurovision selections in 2008 and 2009 without being retained.

So he will get satisfaction and reach the 16th place in 2011 representing his native country. Alexej Vorobjov is a versatile artist, he also prepares his first album in 2011 in collaboration with RedOne. We will find now under the name of Alex Sparrow, for obvious marketing effect.

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