Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top Hypersonic: many angles and a single hit

After weeks of electronic domain by Justice, in the Top Hypersonic rock reigns again thanks to the rise of The Strokes. Americans regain the dominance that it had in previous years on the list, being accompanied on his promotion by Arctic Monkeys, who are in second place. Among the decreases in senior positions also include Radiohead and Vetusta Morla, but generally most groups have been in very similar positions to those occupied in the final top.

Little also push the latest round of news, which only CatPeople have managed to make the cut. With this small amount of movement, and hoping that the developments planned for this week have a better acceptance, give way to the table for the third week of May. As a first entry of the week we have the forever-young Limp Bizkit, who have had 'Shotgun' (YouTube) as the first single for his new album.

The years have passed for us, but apparently not for them. Will it be enough to convince? Summer rates for 'Ice Cream' (YouTube), the new issue of Battles, which comes with a dripping clip included. What the pidgin Spanish as discussed later. In anticipation of Kelly Rowland's new album have 'Motivation' (YouTube).

Here I Am, so the LP will be called, should be in stores next fall. We went up into space with Stormy Mondays, whose song called 'Sunrise Number 1' (YouTube) will sound at the next NASA mission aboard the Endeavour. No small achievement for these peasants. Close music and we happened to voting with the union of Kode9 and The Spaceape, resulting in the song 'Othermer' (YouTube).

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