Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Human League: "The secret of a 'hit' is simplicity"

Susan, The Human League, Rumors Music serves a day before landing in Spain to present his new album in concert, Creed. What will this evening in Madrid, in the Heineken Music Selector (Teatro Circo Price). Little remains of the schoolgirl who once dazzled Phil Oakley, band leader, and he invited along with her friend Joanne to join The Human League "to give it glamor." Remove "new album is a way to fight against those who think that their time has passed? That's right.

We continue to make music, we believe that fresh and modern, and looking for good melodies, like then. Even now enjoy more of this work. We like to refer to us as icons. Marked trend by introducing the synth pop. Was there anything so revolutionary in recent times? The Human League came when people were looking for something new.

Currently, the only thing that has significantly advanced the technology, which is available to everyone. That is a revolution. Before you had to spend much money, going to expensive studios .... Now all you need to make music is a laptop. So the music today is more democratic. He will not return to the 80, but could at least Do you miss some of those days? No.

Even if we could, we would not 80. Everything is better now, virtually every way. Do you want me, Love Action, Human ... For a time were real specialists in creating hits. What is the key to writing a good pop song? The secret is simplicity. Everything has to be simple: the music, the melody and lyrics.

And they have to talk about something that everyone can understand, like love. David Bowie once said that The Human League was the future of music. How do you feel now The Human League? The truth is that we have no idea where the shots go. We only hope that the future continue to benefit from synthesizers to make music.

The group was formed in Sheffield (England) in 1977. They have sold over 20 million albums worldwide, especially Dare (1981) his third album.

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