Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nudozurdo - Tara Motor Female: (envelope) internal exorcism

Nudozurdo faced with this new album the challenge of confirming all the good he had pointed in Synthetic: strength, darkness, magnetism, strength and the will to pursue the release of inner demons in a painful process but exorcizante. All this is preserved, and can confirm that its essence remains intact.

So, good news: They offer many things that we expected. Take a step forward in that for me is its most outstanding virtue, especially in concert, preferably outdoors (their innate capacity to absorb yourself and embark on a spiral that leads to a state of ecstasy, trance or visceral climax) appears here with higher density, with a texture not by Serna is less familiar to us uneasy, unsettling and bitter.

Nudozurdo - Golden Gotel (Youtube) The growth in the sound is superlative, and it leaves many great songs that already are among the best I have ever made and among the highlights so far this year: 'Golden gotelé', 'I do not touch ',' Laser Love 'and' modern Dose ': four songs supreme, magnificent, deep and long (5 minutes the first two, at about 8 the last two), lush evidence of the virtues and abilities of the group.

They are the creative peaks of a disc that ends up be uneven, with much of a difference between songs such established as the named, and others that give the impression of not being round, casting a watertight wrapper and solid. For example, it seems that trying to conceal the inconsistency of 'trial and error' or 'I met the love' up the distortion and rhythmic forcefulness, still falls far short of remarkable and haunting 'I promise to do you harm.

" Nudozurdo - Laser Love (Youtube) In particular, I appreciate your intention to try new sounds, like drum machines and electronic texture 'Dream demo' (on a scale similar to Catpeople new album), an evocative strings 'Messages dead "or close and successful collaboration of Leo's sister in the redemptive' The devil was good to me." However, I have the bitter feeling that this time, neither the letters nor the voice of Leo are treated the same level as the scaffolding that surround sound.

The lyrics lose their narrative and synthetic internal consistency, and here are disconnected, disjointed, while her voice was very sick that accompany the chorus, instead of conveying the solemnity of a voice, technically limited but consistent. Nudozurdo - Modern Dose (Youtube) In summary, it is a pity that the sound growth of the group is not uniformly transferred to a disk that may assume its consecration in the rock.

We rejoice in the heights attained, but also worried because some declines also appear to deform a solid proposal. Perhaps the problem is compared with a previous record of outstanding, and perhaps these lows can ignore them, but a group must demand as much as possible according to their virtues.

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