Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enemies: "When you play nearly 20 years in a group, the relationships go awry"

Nine years ago was definitely fired from his fans. For three consecutive nights, the room looked at the Riviera in Madrid, dumbfounded, how that band who had lived until then struck by the indifference of the mainstream media was claimed by thousands of followers. Of what are songs like September or from the pallet, the footprint of a rogue rock and scholar and the torment of the verses of Josele Santiago and back doors.

Next Sunday, The Enemy will reconvene for the first time on stage. Be "a trip to the 80," explains bassist, Fine Oyonarte, who also warns that this journey is a round-trip: once you finish the concert, reburied components that project took almost 20 years of his life and become "a reality." What he has managed to gather so many years later The Enemy? A posthumous tribute to the Agape room Madrid.

It was a very important club for us, was the last one closed in Malasaña and we had at the bar every night. Despite being small, had a great musical upheaval. Among his clients were photographers, filmmakers and musicians of the generation immediately following the Movida. Siniestro Total, Wheels, Sex Museum, Patrolman Mancuso Corcobado or were common (some of them will play on day 8 in the same concert that The Enemy).

In fact, I met Josele Santiago (vocals and guitar in the band) in that room. When I hear a story about The Enemy I think that talk about what others expected the reunion? Do not touch the most recent enemy formation, but that the group consisted of those years, between 86 and 88. Then we were a trio of Josele, Artemio Pérez (first drummer) and me.

Interpret issues of the time ... or we will see, we have been on Friday to rehearse. How long have you not seen the rest of his former teammate? Yes, we'll have a good time recalling old themes. It will be like a return to 80. Nostalgic? No ... We live very great experience, I have very fond memories of it, but everyone is focused on what is now at hand.

It's funny but when I listen to a story about The Enemy, I think I speak for others, like another life. What was the greatest enemy of enemies? Ourselves, naturally. Enduring 17 years in a band without big hits very hard. We were never a selling group, only the last five years call the attention of a greater number of listeners and there comes a time when after so long you overcome the apathy, the group becomes a work and personal and professional change , twist.

Josele was bored, had no feeling, and decided to finish the story, did not want to keep something that was dying. You were always the enemy indie ... I've always been very open with regard to music. When I started playing I liked the blues and rock artists like Lou Network late 80's and 90's came over and bands like Sonic Youth and I have it, I got a lot.

It's one of my chief groups. Any discovery of last minute? There are many interesting things, but I get less. Lately I've listened to Cass McCombs, M. Ward ... What goes now? This week, on Friday, presented in Madrid my new project, The Eternal training and their first album, Eternal musical salute.

What does it sound? A psychedelic, hypnotic songs ...

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