Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tori Amos: a new album and concerts in 2011

Tori Amos has announced on its official website, the release of a new album in 2011 and a new world tour. The new album by Tori Amos on "Night of Hunters" should be released in September 2011. Always so mysterious and quiet, Tori Amos should again surprise us with a trip to a dream in his artistic universe.

"Night Of Hunters" is the thirteenth studio album by Tori Amos. His latest album "Mindwiter Graces" dates from 2009. Many of you probably remember the songs of Tori Amos. The singer has scored throughout his career with titles such as amazing highlights "Crucify" "Cornflake Girl" and "Professional Widow" remix version of which remains atop the list of the dance hits of the 90s.

With this new album, Tori Amos opens his horizons even more and change the label. For "Night Of Hunters," Tori Amos incorporates the most celebrated classical label Deutsche Grammophon. In a message posted on its website, Tori Amos describes her upcoming album and gives some tips on the art world.

"Hunters Night Of 'Tori Amos explore larger themes of classical music. She used the musical structure of songs that have marked the history of classical music to new creations which little information has yet been revealed. In addition to this wonderful surprise, Tori Amos has also announced his return on stage to share his new creations in public.

Some 25 concerts were planned in Europe in the second half of 2011. And Tori Amos will be visiting France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and other European cities with the complete list: 28/09 10.2 Finland 30.9 Russia Russia 10.4 10.5 Luxembourg France, Paris Le Grand Rex 07/10 Italy 10/10 Italy 08/10 11/10 Germany Germany Poland 13/10 17/10 20/10 Holland Denmark Norway 21/10 24/10 Switzerland, Lucerne, KKL 25/10 Austria 26 / Belgium 10 Germany 28/10 29/10 31/10 Belgium England Germany 02/11 04/11 06/11 England England England 11.8 11.9 Ireland

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