Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eddie Vedder, video of "Longing to Belong ': passion for the ukulele

Although Eddie Vedder has more than enough work with Pearl Jam, remember that the new album on the way there, the singer still has time to care for her solo career. For this launch on May 31 Ukulele Songs, where he demonstrates his love for this instrument with sixteen new songs and some other version.

Of this album and we have heard a lot of threads in his edition of live studio or captured, including "Longing to Belong ', which has served as the main advance. Now that the release of the LP is coming, Eddie Vedder takes the opportunity to present the video that accompanies this court, as simple and friendly as is the composition itself.

Recall also that the physical copy of Ukulele Songs will be accompanied by the DVDWater On The Road, composed entirely of live material by the singer of Illinois. The quality is beyond question in this pair of works that will make the wait more tolerable for the new album by American band.

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